Taking action on accident prevention

The Guardian Non Slip Stair Nosing provides a reliable and durable solution to the prevention of slips and falls that can result in serious accidents on internal and external stair cases.

Slips and falls are a major cause of accidents

residential-stairsOver 40% of all workplace accidents are caused by slips and falls. Those that happen where the person falls forward down stairs are most likely to cause severe injuries. Stairs are one of the most hazardous locations in buildings but can be safeguarded from slips and falls with Guardian non slip Stair Nosing.

However it is not just workers who are at risk — anyone who can access any building by steps could be at risk, especially people with vision impairment and other mobile disabilities.

As building owners well know, Australian courts strictly enforce a duty-of-care to workers and the general public who access their buildings.

Assisting Vision Impaired now & into the Future

boat-harbourThe number of Australians estimated to have legal blindness or low vision is approximately 400,000, with this number expecting to double by 2024 as the population ages.* Incorporating aids for the vision impaired in all indoor and outdoor construction is not only good practice but it has become mandatory in all Australian building codes and Public Access Disability Standards.