Designed for commercial spaces, the slimline design allows stairs to be more comfortable to walk on and protect from slipping. By Australian law stair nosing must be fitted to increase safety from slipping and improve visibility of steps. Slimline stair nosing is the best choice for Australian compliance standards.

The neutral grey anodised aluminium satin finish blends into the building architecture. A choice of anti slip inserts is available in black, grey, yellow and terracotta to suite the luminance contrast requirements and interior design.

Guardian Tactile System’s aluminium nonslip stair nosing is a cost effective and efficient solution to quickly increase stair safety to residential and commercial building facilities.

Stair nosing is often installed with warning tactiles as per Design for Access and Mobility AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009, see Guardian Tactile System’s range of tactiles.

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Colour: Black, Terracotta, Grey and Safety Yellow
Substrates: All stairwells – Indoors and Outdoors
Abrasive: 36# Grit Silicon Carbide and Polyurethane
Materials: Silver Anodised Waterproof nosing with Insert
Warranty: Guaranteed for 5 Years
UV Resistance: Yes, tested in Australian harsh conditions
CSIRO Laboratory Test: Complies with AS/NZS 4586:2004
Appendix A Test: CSIRO WET Pendulum
Appendix A Results: Class V
Appendix D Test: CSIRO OIL-WET Ramp
Appendix D Results: Class R13
Thickness: 3mm
Turndown: 90 degree angle
Length: 5.8 meter lengths or supplied pre-cut
Size: 80mm x 10mm: Slimline design (ramp back)
75mm x 10mm: Slimline design (recessed back)
80mm x 30mm: Bullnose design (ramp back)

Non Slip Stair Nosing

Our range of aluminium stair nosing is cut to measure from 5.8 meter lengths. Full 5.8 meter lengths are supplied and are ideal for large outdoor stairways. Stair nosing is can be supplied with counter-sunk holes and double-sided backing tape for an adhesive fixing to eliminate metal vibration.

Mechanical fixing ensures that the extruded aluminium stair nosing is screwed downed to the substrate for a permanent installation. Mechanical fixing is ideal for installation on timber, concrete, sand stone and exposed aggregate.

Self Adhesive Fixing

The self adhesive ‘Peel, Bond and Walk’ bonding system is best used for indoor installation on tile and stone where drilling could damage the substrate. The stair nosings are supplied cut-to-size with self adhesive backing, ready for installation.