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Non Slip Stair Nosing Systems


  • Extremely durable, full 5 year Guarantee
  • Architecturally Designed, extruded aluminium Non Slip Stair Nosing measuring 80mm wide and a 30mm bull nose front
  • CSIRO slip tested to R13 in class V
  • 15 Micron anodised surface coating protects against corrosion, scratching and wear
  • The heavy duty 1mmx36# grit thick Silicon Carbide insert guarantees many years of Non Slip service under heavy foot traffic
  • Totally Waterproof and Weatherproof against all kinds of conditions
  • Bonding System adheres to all types of surface and eliminates metal vibration
  • Pre-cut and pre-drilled for simple, quick, and easy site fixing to any substrate
  • Kit can be supplied with masonry drill bit, driver and special self-tapping screws that will drive into wood and drilled concrete
  • Delivered throughout Australia

Colours to suit all settings

Guardian Non-slip Stair Nosing is manufactured in various colours to provide the necessary visual contrast for a wide range of settings and materials.

Silicon Carbide colours
• Black, Medium Grey and Safety Yellow

Polyurethane colours
• Black, Terracotta and Safety Yellow

Stair Nosing features

Importance of luminance contrast

Guardian's Non Slip Stair Nosing incorporates luminance (reflection of light) contrast in all settings, which is an essential aid to people with vision impairment. This is due to the fact that it enhances sight far better than colour contrast (the perceived difference in a colour that occurs when it is surrounded by another colour).

Luminance contrast is preferred to colour contrast as it highlights the difference in the light/dark qualities of two adjoining surfaces rather than just their colours. This means that it offers light /dark differences that can be picked up easier by people who are vision impaired.